Ultimate Bible Research Library  
                              (5 DVD ROM Collection)       
Disk One

Section 1 : Bible Translations
(50 Full Translations Featured on the Disk)

- King James Version
- The American Standard Bible
- DarbysTranslation
- Youngs Translation
- Wycliffes Bible
- The Deuterocanical Apocrypha
- Moffatts Translation
- Douay Rheims
- Websters Translation
- The World English Bible
- Tyndales Bible
- Newcomes Translation
- The Geneva Bible (with notes)
- Sharps Translation
- Rotherhams Emphasized Bible
- Weymouths Translation
- The 21st Century KJV
- The Amplified Bible
- The Bible in Basic English
-  Latin Vulgate
-  The New American Bible
-  New Living Translation
-  The Emphatic Diaglott
-  Wescott and Horts Interlinear 

                              ... and many more!

Section 2 : Bible Concordances
20 Complete Volumes including:

- Alexander Cruden : "A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures"
- James Strong: "Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible"
- John Butterworth : "A New Concordance to the Holy Scriptures"
- Charles Hudson : "An English Concordance of the New Testament"
- John Eddie ; "An Analytical Concordance to the Holy Scriptures"
- Ethelbert Bullinger : "A Critical Lexican of the New Testament"
- A J Holman : "The Pronouncing edition of the Holy Bible"
- George Wigram - The Englishmans Concordance (3 Volumes )
- Youngs Analytical Concordance
- Dana's Manual of Bible Grammar 
- Moulton & Gedens Concordance of the New Testament
- Harpers Topical Concordance
- The Concordance of the Septuagint
- Naves Study Bible & Concordance
- William Foote - The Bible Students Companion 
- Bellamy's Concordance to the Holy Bible 
- Aaron Pick - The Bible Students Concordance 
- The Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance
- William Moulton - A Concordance to Westcott & Horts Greek Testament
- The Bible Interpreter - Roswell Hitchcock

Section 3: Bible Software

36 Fully Functional Bible Study Research Programs 

- Further Modules  / Books / Reference Works Available for download

- Available for Windows and Mac computers

    "Ultimate Bible Research Library : Volume 1"
122 Complete Volumes in PDF format : 4 GBs of material

Disk Two

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

Twenty Complete Collections of some of the most respected works in Bible Scholarship:

- The International Standard Bible Reference Library (5 Volumes)

- McClintock & Strongs Cyclopaedia of the Bible (10 Volumes)

- Hastings Dictionary of the Bible (5 Volumes)

- The Jewish Encyclopaedia (12 Volumes)

- New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge  (13 Volumes)

- Vines Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testiment Words

- The Popular- Bible Encyclopaedia  (3 Volumes)

- Eastons Bible Dictionary

- Encyclopaedia Biblica (4 Volumes)

... and many more!

       "Ultimate Bible Research Library : Volume 2 "
20 Complete Collections in PDF format : 4 GBs of material

Disk 3

Section 1

Bible Reference Works: 50 Complete Collections

- A Dictionary of the Bible - Philip Schaff
- Reference Bible Notes - C I Scofield
- Easton's Bible Dictionary - M G Easton
- Strongs Greek Dictionary
- Strongs Hebrew Dictionary
- The Bible Illustrations of Gustave Dore
- Hitchcocks Bible Name Dictionary (vol 1)
- Hitchcocks Bible Name Dictionary (vol 2)
- Complete Works of Josephus
- The Rand McNally Bible Atlas
- The Art Bible
- The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri - Sir Frederic Kenyon
- The Cambridge Companion to the Bible - Herbert Edward Ryle
- The Illustrated Bible Treasury - Charles William Wilson 
- Historic Illustrations of the Bible
- The History of Israel in Maps
- The Historical Geography of the Bible Lands John B Calkin
- Archaeology and the Bible - George Barton 
- A Dictionary of Christian Biographies - Henry Wace
- Buried Cities in Bible Countries - George St Clair
- The Bible and Modern Discoveries - Henry Harper
- Naves Topical Bible Encyclopedia
- A Dictionary of the Bible - John D Davis
- An Illustrated History of the Holy Bible - John Kitto  
- Dictionary of the Holy Bible - Augustin Calmet 
- Murray's Illustrated Bible Dictionary - William Coleman Piercy 
- Outlines of the Bible History - William Swinton
- Personal Names in the Bible - W F Wilkinson
- Studies in the Life of Jeremiah - John Skinner 
- The Astronomy of the Bible - E Walter Maunder
- The Bibles Definition of Religion - George Matheson
- The Dictionary of Religion and Ethics - Shailer Mathews 
- The Encyclopedia of Religion - William Benham
- The History of the Jews - William Hale
- The Human Element in the Gospel - George Salmon  
- The Life of Christ - F W Farrar
- The Origin of Christianity - Isaac Mayer Wise
- The Union Bible Dictionary
- The Land and the Book - W M Thomson  

  ... and many more!

Section 2

Bible Commentaries 

25 Complete Bible Commentaries including

- The Expositors Bible (43 Volumes)
- Matthew Henry Commentary (7 Volumes)
- Albert Barnes Commentary
- Robert Jamieson's Explanatory of the Whole Bible
- Alexander Maclaren's Commentary (13 Volumes)
- A R Fausset's Commentary of the Whole Bible
- Prof Arthur Peake's Commentary
- John R Dummelow's Commentary
- C G Garth - The Bible Manual
- William Jecks - The Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Scriptures
- John Peter Lange's Bible Commentary (26 Vols)
- James Glentworth Butler - The Bible Readers Commentary (2 Volumes)
- Friedrich Knecht - A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture
- Isaac Williams Commentary
- Henry Ward Beecher - Studies in the Bible
- William Burkitt - Expository Notes on the Bible
- James Morgan Pryse - A Restored Bible Commentary
- Ernest Dewitt Burton - Constructive Studies of the Bible
- William Gilpin - An Exposition of the New Testament
- Frederick Field - Notes on the Greek Testament
- William Tyndale - Expositions of the Holy Scriptures
- James Moffat - The Historical New Testament
- C H Spurgeon - Commenting & Commentaries

.. and many more!

         "Ultimate Bible Research Library : Volume 3 "
          Over 100  Complete Volumes in PDF format                              Over 4 GBs of material

Disk 4

The History of Christianity

Section 1

Exhaustive Works of the Early Christian Writers: 

- Justin Martyr
- Irenaeus
- Tertullian
- Tatian
- Augustin
- Pascal

... and many more.

Section 2

The Corruption of Christianity

- The Rise of the Gnostics
- Constantine Paganizes Christianity
- The Corrupting Influence of Greek Philosophy
- The Development of the Creeds
- Rituals and Idolatry enter Christendom
- The Reformation
- The Fragmentation of Christendom
- The Rise of the Bible Societies
- The Rise of Secularism and Atheism

... and much more

Section 3    

Sacred Texts of World Religions

The Sacred Books for all the Major religions of the World

- Ancient Mythology
- Hinduism  (The Holy Veda's)
- Buddism ( The Holy Mahayana Texts)
- Taoism (Chuang Tzu and Tao Te Ching)
- Confucianism (The  Confucian Analects)
- Shinto ( Kojiki and  Nihongi)
- Judaism (The Talmud and The Mishna)
- Zoroastrianism (Zend Avesta)
- Islam (The Koran)
- Bahai  (Kitab)
- Jainism (Akaranga Sutra)
- Sikhism (Raag Maajh)

... and many more!

Section 4

Josephus: The Destruction of Jerusalem

6 Part Audio Presentation (10 hours)

Section 5

Bible Maps, Photographs,  Puzzles and Games and other Fun Stuff

- 478 Bible Based Maps & Charts

- 743 full color Bible Based Photographs

- Over 50 Bible Based Puzzles & Games

... plus lots more!

Section 6

Visions of Paradise

15 Part All New Video Presentation (4 Hours)

    "Ultimate Bible Research Library : Volume 4 "
(4 GBs of material: text, images,video and audio)

Disk Five


-  Over 20 Hours of Bible Based Video Presentations 

-  18 High Definition Bible Animations

... plus lots more!

"Ultimate Bible Research Library : Volume 5

                      Over 4 GB of material

       "Ultimate Bible Research Library"

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"Ultimate Bible Research Library" has been thoroughly updated and revised to make your Bible research as easy and as interesting as possible. Search for passages of scripture and look up your favorite verses in 50 famous translations, cross-reference with 20 respected concordances, consider the viewpoints of Bible scholars in 25 Bible commentaries, and have at your finger tips a huge repository of Bible knowledge and research by adding to your digital theocratic library 20 Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias together with 50 respected Bible reference works. 

In addition, a wonderful multi -media section includes hundreds of photographs, maps, video's and       exciting animations ...not forgetting 36 full version Bible software programs to assist your research still further!

5 DVD ROMs featuring over 18 GBs of Bibles and background research material of the highest quality.  

            (Text is in PDF format and is fully searchable and printable, Video is in AVI & MP4 format).
James Strong (1822 - 1894)

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Philpp Schaff (1819 – 1893)
$60.00 (US)
John McClintock (1814 - 1870)
$22.00 (US)
$22.00 (US)
$22.00 (US)

$15.00 (US)
Alexander Cruden (1699 - 1770)
Matthew Henry (1662 - 1714)
Albert Barnes (1798 - 1870)
Reuben Torrey (1856 - 1928)
The Cyrus Cylinder is an ancient clay cylinder, on which is written a declaration in cuneiform script in the name of king Cyrus the Great. It dates from the 6th century BC and was discovered in the ruins of Babylon in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) in 1879. It is currently in the possession of the British Museum, which sponsored the expedition that discovered the cylinder. It was created following the Persian conquest of Babylon in 539 BC, when the Babylonian Empire was invaded by Cyrus and incorporated into his Persian Empire.The Cylinder's text has long been seen by Biblical scholars as corroborative evidence of the Bibles comments regarding Cyrus’s policy of the repatriation of the Jewish people following their Babylonian captivity, as the text frequently refers to the restoration of Jewish religious sanctuaries and repatriation of deported peoples.
The Codex Alexandrinus being carefully examined by a scholar at the British Library in London, England. Codex Alexandrinus  is a 5th-century manuscript of the Greek Bible,containing the majority of the Septuagint and the New Testament. It is one of the four Great uncial codices. Along with the Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus and the Vaticanus, it is one of the earliest and most complete manuscripts of the Bible. 
$22.00 (US)
A Tour of Solomons Temple
Justin Martyr (100 - 165 CE)
Irenaeus (130 - 202 CE)
Constantine the Great (272 CE - 337 CE)
Josephus (37 CE - 100 CE)
Arch of Titus (Rome, Italy)
                  Sample Video Presentation: 
        "Ezekiels Temple Vision (Eze 40 - 43)"  

           $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping)
           $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping)
               $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping)
                 $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping)
                      $22.00 (+$8.00 shipping)
    "Read the Bible Chronologically in One Year"

                                                    Video Presentation:
"The Oldest Koran Found has Little Similarity to the Modern Version"