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"Ultimate Bible Research Library                                     

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                                                           - 50 Respected Bible Translations 

                                                           - 35 Bible Concordances

                                                           - 25 Bible Commentaries 

                                                           - 59 Specialized Bible Dictionaries ,                                                                 Encyclopedias, and Atlas's

                                                           - 20 full version bible software programs

                                                           - 1332 Superb multi - media features including                                                                hundreds of  maps, video's, animations                                                                   and much more!           

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          s name,1 Chronicles 16:8
 you people; call upon his name,                                             make his deeds known among the peoples!" (1 Chronicles 16:8)


- 525 Major Reference Works (PDF)

- 84 Hours of Video Presentations

- 21 Hours of Audio 

- 371  Pictures  and Illustrations

- Make your Personal Study of the Bible 
  come alive and increase your confidence
  in the inspired word!          


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The Bible As History



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World Powers of Bible History
   The History of Bible Translation
                  From the Exhaustive   
                  DVD ROM Collection: 

    "Ultimate Bible Research Library"

- 50 Major Bible Translations

- Over 150 Respected Reference Works

- 20 Bible Software Programs

Over 100 hours of video, audio and other           multi-media     the International B
ible                              Students
                    ... and much more!

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                          "Is it Lawful to do a Fine Thing on the Sabbath?"  Fox                    

   o not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs ll here his voice
                                                                                 (Matt 12:12)           

                    "Should You Fear A Nuclear War?"

"For this is what Jehovah says, the Creator of the heavens, the true God ... the One who formed the earth, its maker ... who did not create it simply for nothing but formed it to be                                                                inhabited."

                                                                    (Isaiah 46: 18)


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- 675 Major Reference Works 

- 108 Hours of Video Presentations  

-   27 Hours of Audio

- 478 Pictures and Illustrations

                   ... and Much More!

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-   50 Respected Reference Works

-     6 Hours of Video Presentations

-     2 Hours of Audio

-   50 Pictures and Illustrations
The Four Horsemen Ride! here to add text.
- 125 Major Reference Works

-     6 Hours of Video Presentations

-     4 Hours of Audio

-    50 Pictures and Illustrations
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Exploring the Bible Lands
- 50 Major Reference Works

-   3 Hours of Video Presentations

-  2 Hours of Audio

- 50 Pictures and Illustrations

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   "The World of Charles Dickens"

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