Nature, Science and the Bible

   "How many your works are, O Jehovah.

    All of them in wisdom you have made.

    The Earth is full of your productions"

                      Psalm 104: 24
Genesis 1: 24 tells us that on the sixth creative day, God went on to say "Let the earth put forth living souls according to their kinds, domestic animal and moving animal and wild beast of the earth according to its kind. And it came to be so". 

How did God feel about his new creative works?

Verse 25 tells us : "God got to see that it was good".

Any reasonable person who looks at the beauty and design  in nature with an appreciative heart, could not possibly disagree with this simply expressed but profound conclusion of our creator.

Jehovah, in his Holy Word makes frequent reference to his own creative works.

For example, outstanding traits of animals are alluded to and used by the Bible writers to symbolize a variety of qualities and powers. 

In other instances animals may be employed to represent wild, beastlike ruling powers that oppress and crush mankind.

Plants and vegetation are often used figuratively, for example when the Psalmist proclaimed "My heart has been struck just like vegetation and is dried up. I myself am dried up like mere vegetation" (Ps 102 : 4, 11). 

Mountains and rivers are mentioned time and again in God's word, not only confirming the geographical accuracy of the Bible record but also to convey strong emotions such as at Judges 5:5 where "Mountains flow away from the face of Jehovah" and at Psalm 97:5 where we are told "mountains themselves proceeded to melt just like wax on account of Jehovah. On account of the Lord of the whole earth". 

The purpose of this DVD ROM (computer use only) is to provide exhaustive reference works and multi-media material to help us learn more about the many animals, plants,rivers, mountains astronomical phenomena and other aspects of the natural world mentioned in the Bible. 

This will hopefully make our scripture reading more meaningful and understandable and well as provide many happy hours of interesting research for the keen Bible student.

Nature and the Bible has been thoroughly revised and updated. 

25 new reference works have been added, the video collection completly refreshed with new 
material and several new audio files have been included.

The DVD ROM is divided in FOUR parts:

Section One : REFERENCE WORKS (PDF format)

-  "Bible Natural History" - F O Morris
-  "The Bible in Nature" - Joshua Miller
-  "Art forms in Nature" - Ernst Haeckel 
-  "Nature and the Bible" - J W Dawson
-  "Photodrama of Creation" - C T Russell
-  "Creation" - Joseph Franklin Rutherford
-  "Natural History in the Scriptures" (Anon)
-  "Bible Teachings in Nature" - Hugh Macmillan
-  "Medicinal Plants of the Bible"- Anon
-  "The Plants of the Bible" - John Hutton Balfour 
-  "The Plants & Trees of Scripture" - Anon
-  "Herbs in the Scriptures"- Maria Callcott
-  "The Natural History of the Hebrew Scriptures" - John Dawson
-  "Bible Animals" - John Wood
-  "Scripture Natural History" - William Carpenter
-  "The Natural History of the Bible" - H B Tristram
-  "A Dictionary of the Natural History of the Bible" - Thaddeus Harris
-  "Animals Mentioned in the Bible" - H C Hart
-  "Birds of the Bible" - Gene Sratton-Porter
-  "Nature and the Bible" - F H Reusch
-  "Animals in Biblical and Christian Thought" - Rod Preece
-  "The Bible Zoo" - Albert MacKinnon
-  "Scripture Zoology" - Maria Catlow
-  "Nature and the Bible"- Paul Chadbourne
-  "The Bible and Geology" - James Murphey
-  "Genesis and Geology" - Joseph Thompson
-  "The Testimony of the Rocks" - Hugh Miller
-  "The Holy Scriptures and Geological Science" - John Pye Smith
-  "Animals,Plants & Minerals Mentioned in the Bible" - Trustees of the British Museum 
-  "The Harmony of the Bible with Science" - Samuel Kinns
-  "God or Gorilla" - Alfred Watterson McCann
-  "The Case Against Evolution" - George Barry O'Toole
-  "No Natural Selection" - George Paulin
-  "Species are Not Transmutable" - C R Bree
-  "Problems of Evolution" - F W Headley
-  "Creation or Evolution" - George Curtis
-  "Design and Darwinism" - James Carmichael
-  "The Menace of Darwinism" - William Jennings Bryan
-  "The Refutation of Darwinism" - T Warren O'Neill
-  "Evolution verses the New World" (Anon)
-  "Anatomy of the Human Body" - Henry Gray
-  "Astronomy and the Bible" - Charles Burton
-  "The Astonomy of the Bible" - E Walter Maunder 
-  "The Bible and Astronomy" -   J H Kurtz
-  "Astronomy in the Bible" (anon)
-  "Sacred Streams - the Rivers of the Bible" - Philip Gosse
-  "Rivers & Mountains Mentioned in the Bible" - H B Tristram
-  "The Geography of the Bible" - Rena Crosby
-  "Bible Lands" - Henry Van-Lennep
-  "Geography of the Bible Lands" - John B Calkin
-  "Bible Lands and Seas" - Elizabeth Charles
-  "A Biblical Cyclopedia of Geography & Natural History" - John Eadie
-  "A Journey Around the Dead Sea (Vol 1)" - Louis Sauley
-  "A Journey Around the Dead Sea (Vol 2)" - Louis Sauley
-  "The Geography and Natural History of Palestine" - F A Cox
-  "Whispering Leaves of Palestine" - A W Lewis
-  "Bible Geography" - Ely Zollars
-  "The People of Palestine" - Elihu Grant
-  "Palestine and the Bible" - Samuel Schor
-  "Sacred Geography" Elijah Parish
-  "Lands and Peoples of the Bible" - James Baikie
-  "The Story of Bible Lands" - T DeWitt Talmage
-  "Nature and the Bible (Vol 1)"  - Franz Reusch
-  "Nature and the Bible (Vol 2)"  - Franz Reusch
-  "A Dictionary of Bible Natural History" - Philip Schaff
-  "Creation, Time and Eternity" - Jacob Secrist
-  "Natural History in the Holy Scriptures" - Anon
-  "The Treatment of Animals in the Bible" (Anon)
-  "Human Nature in the Bible" - William Phelps
-  "The Bible and Science" - Thomas Brunton
-  "Nature and Revelation Collated" - George Armstrong
-  "The Relation of Natural Science to the Bible" - William Fraser
-  "Natural Laws and Gospel Teachings" - Herbert Morris
-  "Revelation and Natural Science" - John Dawson
-  "New Heavens and a New Earth" (Anon)

Section Two : Video

Over 5 hours of highly interesting and informative video 
presentations featuring the role of nature in the sacred scriptures.

Section Three : Audio

Over 4 hours of  audio material in MP3 format.

Section Four : Pictures

Over 70 full color high quality images featuring beautiful full color images
of animals.plants and other natural phenomena mentioned in the Bible record.

"Nature and the Bible" is  huge repository of mind stimulating information that will help you appreciate the Creator and his "invisible     qualities that are clearly seen and perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship"
                                                    (Romans 1:20)

$22.00  (US)
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Several species of eagle flourish in the rugged terrain of Palestine. The two main varieties are the
Imperial Eagle (above) and the Golden Eagle. This majestic, impressive bird is often referred to in a positive context in the Bible, such as at Ex 19:4 when Jehovah tells the liberated Israelites that he
has carried them out of Egypt on "wings of eagles".
The Hippopotamus was once a common site in the Jordan valley and tusks and bones have been found in various parts of Palestine. It is now no longer found north of Khartoum (Sudan) due to mans hunting and destruction of habitat. The animal is generally believed to be the "Behemoth" of  Job 40:15 with many translations (eg AT ,Lamsa, Ro, NW 1957 edition, JB, RS) using the word hippopotamus in the main text or in footnotes.
The Chameleon is included among the "swarming creatures" listed as "unclean" under the Mosaic law (Lev 11:29, 30).  The common chameleon vulgaris is frequently found in Egypt and Palestine.
The common House Sparrow is abundant in Palestine, particularly in the coastal towns. These endearing little birds were eaten as food by the poor in Bible times, with "two sparrows selling for a coin of small value" (literally an assarion worth about 1c (US)). However, Jesus was quick to point out that though these little birds were counted as of small worth by men, "not one of them will fall to the ground without your fathers knowledge". He then encouraged his disciples to be free from fear, assuring them "You are worth more than many sparrows". (Matt 10:29-31; Luke 12:6,7) 
The Fennec Fox is abundant in Syria and Palestine and is well known for its stealth and craftiness. Jesus alluded to these characteristics when he spoke of Herod (Antipas) as "that fox" (Luke 13:31 - 33). Jesus also, in forewarning a man desirous of following him, called attention to the fact that "foxes have dens and birds of heaven have roosts, but the son of man has nowhere to lay down his head" (Matt 8:20; Luke 9:58).
The Wild Boar may weigh over 350 pounds (159 kg), measure nearly 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length and stand over 3 feet (.9 meters) high at the shoulder. The animal is not only dangerous but very destructive, with reports that one group of them can ruin an entire vineyard in a single night.
This is referred to at Psalm 80:13, where there is an allusion to its depredations on unguarded vineyards.Wild Boar are still very common in the swamps and marsh lands of modern Palestine..
The Arabian Camel
Fan Foot Gecko
Syrian Ibex
Nile Toad
Evolution - A Theory with No Evidence
     "You are worthy, Jehovah, even our God, to receive the glory and the honour and the power, because of your will they existed and were created".
                                                 (Revelation 4:11)
Evolution is taught today in schools and colleges as a FACT. 

However, it is not a fact ... it is a THEORY.

To be strictly accurate its not even a theory ... its a MODEL. 


A theory is an explanation of an event that has been supported by consistent, repeated experimental results and has therefore been accepted by most scientists.​

model is a verbal, mathematical, or visual representation of a scientific structure or process, which allows scientists to construct and test inferences and ideas. 

Evolution is NOT supported by "consistent, repeated experimental results", it is NOT supported by all scientists and much of the "evidence" is contradictory, constantly being re-evaluated and very often vigorously contested.

The purpose of the DVD ROM : "Evolution: A Theory with No Evidence" is to make available vast resources of reference material, fairly presenting BOTH sides of the argument and thus clearly demonstrating that the current credulous, blind acceptance of evolution by the vast majority of mankind is a deeply disturbing situation. 

In addition to the many useful references works, the DVD ROM contains approx 15 hours of interesting video presentations7 hours of audio (mp3) and a beautiful collection of photographs.

Details of Disk Contents:

Section 1: Reference Works.

On the Origin of Species - Charles Darwin
- The Descent of Man - Charles Darwin
- Charles Darwin - Autobiography
- The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin (Vol 1) - Charles Darwin
- The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin (Vol 2) - Charles Darwin
- The Evolution of Man - Ernst Haeckel
- The History of Creation - Ernst Haeckel
- The Riddle of the Universe - Ernst Haeckel
- The Wonders of Life - Ernst Haeckel
- Last words on Evolution - Ernst Haeckel
- Evidence as to man's place in nature - Thomas Huxley
- Darwiniana - Thomas Huxley
- Evolution and Ethics - Thomas Huxley
- Darwin and Morality - Rudolf Schmid
- The Case Against Evolution - George Barry O'Toole
- God or Gorilla - Alfred Watterson McCann
- Evolution or Creation - L T Townsend
- No Natural Selection - George Paulin
- Species are Not Transmutable - C R Bree
- Problems of Evolution - F W Headley
- Creation or Evolution - George Curtis
- The Evolution Deceit - Harun Yahya
- Design and Darwinism - James Carmichael
- Marxism and Darwinism - Anton Pannekoek
- Darwinism and Politics - David Ritchie
- The Menace of Darwinism - William Jennings Bryan
- Darwin Illustrated - George Romanes
- The Refutation of Darwinism - T Warren O'Neill
- Nature Versus Natural Selection - Charles Coe
- The Collapse of the Evolution Theory - Harun Yahya
- Evolution without Natural Selection - Charles Dixon
- Scientific Criticism of Darwinian Theories - Vernon L Kellogg
- Evolution, Old and New - Samuel Butler
- Charles Darwin with Reference to Religion - Samuel Cadman
- Morals in Evolution - L T Hobhouse
- Mutations and Evolution - R R Gates
- Christianity and Evolution - George Matheson
- Evolution and Religion - William Trumbull
- Scientific Illiteracy - Liza Gross
- Challenges to Evolution Education - Jay Labov
- Evolution in America's Classrooms - Michael Berkman
- Selectionism in Molecular Evolution - Masatoshi Nei
- Evolution and Adaption - Thomas Hunt Morgan
- Evolution and Revolution - John Martin
- Engaging Evolution - Kevin Padian
- Mendel's Principles of Heredity - William Bateson
- Scientists who Oppose Darwinism (anon)
- Mind in Evolution - L T Hobhouse
- The Religion of Evolution - M.J Savage
- Evolution and Dogma - John Zahm
- Evolution and Adaption - Thomas Morgan
- The Doctrine of Evolution - Alexander Winchell
- Religion in Evolution - F B Jevons
- Evolution and Christianity - James Iverach
- God in Evolution - Francis Johnson
- Evolution and War - P.Chalmers Mitchell
- The Theology of Evolution - E D Cope
- Evolution in Religion - William McLane
- Problems with Evolution - Arthur Ward Lindsey
- Religious Aspects of Evolution - James McCosh
- Can You Believe in God and Evolution - William Keen
- A Critique of the Theory of Evolution - Thomas Hunt Morgan
- Evolution and Mans Place in Nature - Henry Calderwood
- Evolution and Theology - Otto Pfleiderer
- Ethical Aspects of Evolution - John Kimball
- The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved - William A Williams
- Survival of The Fakest - Jonathan Wells
- DNA and the Origin of Life - Stephen Meyer
- The Cambrian Explosion - Biologies Big Bang - Stephen Meyer
- Molecular Machines in the Cell - Casey Luskin
- Why Darwinism is False - Jonathan Wells
- The Bible vs The Evolution Theory - C T Russell
The Photodrama of Creation - C T Russell
- Creation - Judge Rutherford
- Evolution verses the New World (WTB & TS)
- New Heavens and a New Earth (WTB & TS)

Section Two : Video

Over 15 hours of thought provoking and stimulating video
presentations discussing the controversies and modern scientific 
concerns regarding the teaching of evolution as fact whilst at the
same time blocking the expression of alternate view points. 

Section Three : Audio

Over 7 hours of audio presentations and audio books in MP3 format.

Section Four : Pictures

Over 50 full color high quality images featuring various 
aspects and characters involved in the evolution/creation debate over the years.

Evolution is a God dishonoring and misleading pseudo- scientific teaching that has misled millions. Fortunately many, even in the scientific community are looking into the Bible and discovering the truth of the words of the integrity keeper Job who exclaimed:

"Where is God my Grand maker ... He is the one teaching us more than the beasts of the earth, and making us wiser than even the flying creatures of the heavens"   (Job 35: 9 - 11)

$15.00 (US)
Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) - architect of the "theory" of evolution.
"On the Origin of Species" first published on 24th November 1859.  In this hugely controversial work, Charles Darwin argued that the natural world is governed by "natural selection" and a "survival of the fittest". God had no part to play in his vision of the beginning and processes of life on earth.
German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, and artist Ernst Haeckel did much to popularize Darwin's ideas (esp in Germany) through his beautiful drawings and illustrations. However he often "manipulated the evidence", most famously in his "embryo drawings" where he (falsely) argued that  different embryonic stages of different animals is a tool that can be used to infer relationships between species.
The finches of the Galapagos Islands, (which lie 926 km (500 nmi) west of continental Ecuador), were presented as "fundamental evidence" for the theory of evolution in  "Origin of Species". However, modern research  has proven that most of  Darwins theories regarding the Galapagos finches can be explained satisfactorily as "adaption" rather than "natural selection" .   However, Darwin freely admitted his theories had NO explanation for the intricacies of the eye. He wrote in "Origin of Species", that "the evolution of the eye by natural selection is absurd in the highest possible degree"!
A huge problem which faces the evolutionist is the fact that nature is full of examples of a concept known as "irreducible complexity" (IC). Most organisms are composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the basic function. The removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease working. A good example of this is the flagellum (the tail-like structure many bacteria have which helps them "swim").This acts like a very complex machine (see illustration above) which could not have evolved naturally because if you remove any of the proteins that make up the flagellum's "motor", it can no longer function!
Science and the Bible
  "Raise your eyes up and see. Who has created all these things? It is the One who is bringing forth the army of them even by number, all of whom he calls even by name.           Due to the abundance of dynamic energy, he also being vigorous in power                                                       not one of them is missing"

                                                           (Isaiah 40: 26) 

                                                                E = MC2
                                                                             (Energy = Mass x the Speed of Light Squared) 

                             Albert Einstein (The Theory of Relativity : 1905)
The Bible is not a science text book.

But when it touches on scientific matters it is always 100% accurate.

Why is this remarkable?

The first book of the Bible, Genesis was completed in 1513 BCE but still outlines correctly the sequence of events that led to
the formation of the earth ... and the creation of man.

Later the law covenant, given to Moses by God featured many regulations that directly benefited the Israelites in matters of 
hygiene, sanitation, medicine and many other areas of daily  living ... this at a time when so called "advanced nations" such as
the Egyptians were using excrement to treat open wounds! 

Throughout the Bible we find astonishing information, well in advance of its time that would enlighten faithful servants of God but would
not be "discovered" by scientists until centuries later. 

The purpose of this DVD ROM "Science and the Bible" is to provide exhaustive reference works and multi-media material that we can
use in our research to strengthen our faith in the inspired word of God, as well as answer those who challenge the scientific accuracy
of the Bible and dismiss it a collection of myths and legends.

The DVD ROM is in FOUR Sections:

Section One: Reference Works

001 The Harmony of the Bible with Science - Samuel Kinns
002 The Truth of the Bible and the Evidence of Creation - Bourchier Savile
003 Genesis and Science - John Arnold
004 The Bible and its Relations to Natural Science - J H Kurtz
005 Science and the Bible - Herbert Morris
006 The Astronomy of the Bible - E Walter Maunder
007 Astronomy and the Bible - Charles Burton
008 The Old Bible and the New Science - Jesse Thomas
009 The Bible, Science and Faith - John Zahm
010 Modern Science in the Bible Lands - John Dawson
011 The Bible and Science -Thomas Brunton
012 Science - A Witness for the Bible - William Pendleton
013 Evenings with the Bible and Science - Jotham Sewall
014 The Science of the Bible - Martin Brennan
015 Two Theologies - Natural and Revealed - Hugh Miller
016 The Biblical Account Tested by Scientific Theories - Joseph Thompson
017 The Supremacy of the Bible over Science - J.Mercier McMullen
018 The Harmony of the Bible with Experimental Physical Science - Arthur Rigg
019 The Claims of the Bible and Science - F D Maurice
020 The Bible & Science - A World Problem - Taylor Lewis
021 The Bible True Compared with the Facts of Science - Elijah Fly
022 The Bible of Nature - Joshua Miller
023 Blending Lights - the Relationship between Natural Science and the Bible - William Fraser
024 The Bible versus Copernicus - Samuel Miller
025 The Bible and Science - William Ayres
026 The Holy Scriptures and Geological Science - John Pye Smith
027 The Bible and Geology - James Murphey
028 Christianity and Science - Andrew Peabody
029 Bible Views of Creation - George Moore
030 The Bible in the Balance - J G Fish
031 Triumphs of the Bible and the Testimony of Science - Henry Tullidge
032 Christ and Science - Francis Henry Smith
033 Science and the Hebrew Tradition - Thomas Huxley
034 Genesis in the Light of Critical Science - Benjamin Bacon
035 Modern Science Unlocking the Bible - Harriot Mackenzie
036 Religion and Geology - Edward Hitchcock
037 Genesis and Modern Science - Charles Warring
038 The Claims of the Bible and Science - Frederick Maurice
039 The Brain and the Bible - Edgar Beall
040 The Bible and the Religion of Science - H S Brown
041 The Harmony of Science, the Bible and Man - Jessie Williams
042 The Bible and Modern Thought - T R Birks
043 Holy Scripture Confirmed by the Facts of Science - George Redfun
044 The Mosaic Record and Modern Evidence - L T Townsend
045 The Bible on the Side of Science - Howard Crosby
046 Genesis - The Rock Foundation for Science and Religion
047 The Holy Scriptures from the Viewpoint of Science - Louis Gausson
048 Science not Adverse to Faith - E B Pusey
049 Bible Miracles and Science - Francis Lamb
050 Science and the Bible - A Review - James Dana

Section 2: Video

Over 6 hours of mind stimulating video presentations featuring a broad variety of 
convincing arguments and proofs that the Bible can always be relied upon and trusted
when it discusses matters of a scientific nature.

Section 3: Audio

Over 4 hours of fascinating discussions and audio presentations (mp3 format)
to strengthen our confidence in the scientific accuracy of the sacred scriptures 

Section 4:  Pictures

Over 50 beautiful pictures featuring a wide variety of themes of a scientific 
nature discussed in the pages of God's word.

The Bible has never been more under attack from the scientific community than it is now.

We need to be informed and familiar with common misconceptions regarding the scientific accuracy of the Bible and defend it robustly.

Then, we like the psalmist will be able to reply with conviction:

"Great are the works of Jehovah,  studied by all who delight in them".

                                                               (Psalm 111:2) 

$15.00 (US)
Contemporary peoples to the Israelites 
had many fanciful and strange ideas regarding how the earth was suspended in the vastness of space. 

However, Jehovah explained the matter clearly to his servant Job: " (I am)  stretching out the north over the empty place, hanging the earth upon nothing" (Job 26:7).

French chemist and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur   (1822 – 1895) is well known for his "discoveries" of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of diseases, and his discoveries have saved countless lives ever since. His medical discoveries provided direct support for the germ theory of disease and its application in clinical medicine. 

 In numerous instances however, the Bible contains health related information that far predates man's actual discoveries of related principles in the field of medicine. The medical instructions given by Moses to the Israelites some 3500 years ago were not only far superior to the practices of contemporary cultures, they also exceeded medical standards practiced as recently as 100 years ago.

(Numbers 19:3-22, Lev. 11:1-47; 15:1-33, Deut 23:12). 
The circulation and conservation of earth's water is called the hydrologic cycle, which is accurately portrayed in several passages of the Bible, including the following: "For He draws up drops of water, which distill as rain from the mist, which the clouds drop down and pour abundantly on man. (Job 36:27-28)" . Centuries after the Book of Job was written, Aristotle demonstrated only a vague understanding of this process. Though he recognized that rain came from clouds, he incorrectly postulated that air turned into water and vice versa.

It has only recently been learned that most clouds are formed by ocean evaporation, but again the Bible had it right centuries ago: "All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full; to the place from which the rivers come, there they return again (Eccl 1:7)".   The complex nature of how water is supported in clouds despite being heavier than air is clearly implied when God declared to Job "Do you know how the clouds are balanced, those wondrous works of Him who is perfect in knowledge (Job 37:16).

             "The Nature, Science and the Bible Collection"

                                                - "Nature and the Bible"

                                                - "Evolution: A Theory with No Evidence"

                                                                   - "Science and the Bible"

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                                     Video Presentation

     "The Human Zoo - Science's Dirtiest Secret"
Video Presentation:  "The Wonder of Water"