The Bible as History (2019 Edition)

The New Encyclopedia Britannica calls the Bible "the most influential collection of books in human history"

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, called the Bible "the best gift God has ever given to man ... but for it we could not know right from wrong".

However,during the 18th and 19th centuries, certain academically minded Christians began to question the Bible's historical accuracy. These scholars became known as "higher critics" and claimed much of the Bible was composed of legend and myth.

Even in the 21st Century, higher criticism is still taught in the seminaries of Christendom. It is far from unusual to hear prominent clergymen publicly disavow large sections of the Bible. One Anglican minister was recently quoted in an Australian newspaper as saying "... the Bible is just wrong! The history is wrong. The details are garbled".

Is this true?

How historically accurate is the Bible?

Can we base our faith and confidence on its historical reliability?

The TWO DVD ROM Collection: "The Bible as History (2019)" provides exhaustive evidence from reliable historical and archaeological sources that the Bible is completely accurate and totally reliable in every detail and in every statement that it makes.

The Double DVD ROM set presents its collections in SIX sections and includes the following:

80 Major Reference Works  (all in PDF format, fully searchable and printable)


-  "The Bible as History" - Werner Keller
-  "Archaeology and the Bible" -  George Barton
-  "Archaeological Discoveries and their Bearing on the Bible" - Camden M Cobern
-  "A Complete History of the Holy Bible (Vol 1)" - George Burder
-  "A Complete History of the Holy Bible (Vol 2)" - Laurence Howel
-  "The Complete Works of Josephus" - Translated by William Whiston
-  "The Last Days of Jerusalem" - Alfred J Church
-  "Christianity in Josephus, Tacitus and Suetonius" - Henry Julian White
-  "A Complete History of the Bible" - Robert Sears
-  "An Illustrated History of the Holy Bible" - John Kitto
-  "Digging up Biblical History" - J.Garrow Duncan
-  "Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations" - A H Sayce
-  "History of the People of Israel" - Carl Cornill
-  "The Truth of the Bible Confirmed by History" - Bourchier Savile
-  "The Old Documents and the New Bible" - J Paterson Smyth
-  "The Text of the Old Testament" - Henri Édouard Naville
-  "The Ecclesiastical Historians - Philo and Josephus" - John Jones
-  "A History of the Literature of Ancient Israel" - Henry Fowler
-  "History, Prophecy and the Monuments" - James McCurdy
-  "The Bible Vindicated by Discoveries in Lands of Scripture" - Robert Morrow
-  "Bible Chronology Carefully Unfolded" - Smith B Goodenow
-  "Ancient Biblical Chronology" - Olaf Alfred Toffteen
-  "A Standard Dictionary of the Bible" - Jacobus Williams
-  "A Dictionary of the Bible" - Philip Schaff
-  "The Old Testament in the Light of the Ancient East" - Alfred Jeremias
-  "Authority and Archaeology" - D G Hogarth
-  "The Literary History of the Bible" - Joel Hawes
-  "The Pre-eminence of the Bible" - Alfred Tyler Perry 
-  "The History of the English Bible" - Phillip Schaff
-  "Explorations in the Bible Lands" - H V Hilprecht
-  "Abraham Lincoln's Use and Respect for the Bible" - Samuel Jackson
-  "Studies in Biblical Archaeology" - Joseph Jacobs
-  "Archaeological Research in Bible Lands" - Abraham Anspacher
-  "Blending Lights" - William Fraser
-  "Bible History" - William Henry Green
-  "The Old and New Testament Connected" - Humphrey Prideaux
-  "The Bible as Literature" - William Fiddian Moulton
-  "Herod the Great" - William Willet
-  "The Herod's" - Frederick Farrar
-  "How God Inspired the Bible" - J.Paterson Smyth
-  "How the Bible Grew" - Frank Lewis
-  "Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion" - Alexander Keith
-  "History and the Gospels" - C H Dodds
-  "The Bible and the Development of a Theocratic Life" - David Worthington Simon
-  "The Primitive Era of Christianity" - Clyde Weber Votaw
-  "Evidence of The Truth of Christianity" - Richard Biscoe

​... and many more!


- Over 12 hours of informative video presentations in MP4 format (computer use only).


Six high quality audio presentations - over 8 hours of material (MP3 format) (computer use only).


An interesting selection of 50 high quality (jpeg) images featuring many famous archaeological artefacts that did much to silence criticism of the Bible.

​... plus much more!

An excellent resource for personal study, back ground Bible research and public speaking assignment preparation.

Even if many still stubbornly view the Bible as merely the "word of men", all true Christians have an obligation to "let God be found true, though every man be found a liar". (Rom 3:4)

Hopefully these this double DVD ROM collection will help you do this.

$32.00 (US)
Temple relief at Karnak, Egypt describing Pharaoh Shishaks invasion of Judea
"The Moabite Stone" in the Louvre Museum, Paris although a Pagan relic, features the Divine name repeatedly in reference to the Israelites, showing it was in common usuage in antiquity. 
The Priests at the temple in Jerusalem show Alexander the biblical prophesies predicting his rise to power. (Dan 8: 5 - 8, 21)
Tiberius Caesar : the Gospel writer Luke's remarkably detailed time line (Luke 3: 1 - 3)  
matched Tiberius 15th year with the start of Jesus ministry. All the Roman officials mentioned in the account are confirmed by secular historians.

The Arch of Titus in Rome, graphically illustrates the power of fulfilled Bible prophecy. Roman soldiers loot the temple in Jerusalem, a destruction vividly predicted by Jesus Christ 37 years previous. (Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)
People and Cultures of the Bible
The Bible primarily focuses on the history of and God's dealings with the nation of Israel.

However, many other peoples and cultures which came into contact with the Israelites are of considerable interest to Bible students.

Sometimes the scriptures provide considerable details about the customs and behaviors of certain nations
(eg Canaan, Egypt, Babylon). Generally however, the details are scant, with only passing reference being made to the foreign cultures and lifestyles of the peoples that surrounded Israel.

The purpose of the DVD ROM  : "People and Cultures of the Bible" is to provide exhaustive background reference material from respected scholarly sources, which give insight into the surrounding nations that so often had such a dramatic impact on God's chosen people.

The DVD ROM is divided into FOUR SECTIONS:

Part 1 : Reference Works

- 001 Life in  New Testastament Palestine - Anon
- 002 Picturesque Palestine - Charles Wilson
- 003 Life in Roman Palestine - Anon
- 004 The Historical Geography of the Holy Land - George A Smith
- 005 Palestine - The Home of God's People - William Gage
- 006 Lands and Peoples of the Bible - James Baikie
- 007 A Geographical Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures - Aaron Arrowsmith
- 008 History of the People of Israel - Ernest Renan
- 009 The People of Palestine - Elihu Grant
- 010 Palestine and the Bible - Samuel Schor
- 011 Social Life in Egypt - Stanley Lane-Poole
- 012 A History of the Egyptian people - E A Budge
- 013 The Pharaohs and their people - E.Berkley
- 014 Village Life in Egypt - Bayle St John
- 015 Ancient Egyptian Costumes & Decorations - Mary Houston (1954)
- 016 The Philistines - Robert Macalister
- 017 The Philistines and the Israelites - H.Martyn Kennard
- 018 The Conquest of Canaan - Alexander Mackay
- 019 Israels Settlement of Canaan - C F Burney
- 020 Out of Egypt, Into Canaan - Martin Knapp
- 021 The Edomites - Mary Witter
- 022 Syria and the Syrians - Gregory Wortabet
- 023 Life in Ancient Assyria - G Maspero
- 024 Assyria - Its Princes, Priests and People - A H Sayce
- 025 Babylonians & Assyrians - life and customs - A H Sayce
- 026 The Life of the Ancient East - James Baikie
- 027 The Civilization of Babylonia - Morris Jastrow
- 028 The Jews in Babylonia in the time of Ezra & Nehemiah - Samuel Daiches
- 029 The Samaritans - John Thomson
- 030 The Samaritans - Their History & Theology - James Montgomery
- 031 The Messianic Hope of the Samaritans - Jacob ben Aaron
- 032 Samaritan History and Literature - John Nutt
- 033 Apostolic Preaching to the Samaritans - James Franks
- 034 Jewish life after the exile - Thomas Cheyne
- 035 Life and Manners in Persia - Mary Sheil
- 036 Persia and its Peoples - Ella Sykes
- 037 Persian Life and Customs - Samuel Wilson
- 038 The Life of the Ancient Greeks - Charles Gulick
- 039 Ancient Greece - its art, literature and philosophy - H.B Cotterill
- 040 Jewish History from the Days of Alexander the great - Maurice Harris
- 041 Common People in Ancient Rome - Frank Abbott
- 042 Society in Rome under the Caesars - William Inge
- 043 State and Family in Early Rome - Charles Launspach
- 044 The Pharisees and Jesus - A.T Robertson
- 045 Pharisaism and the Gospels - Israel Abraham
- 046 Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ - Alfred Edersham
- 047 Manners of the Ancient Israelites - Adam Clarke
- 048 Jewish Institutions and Customs - William Rosenau
- 049 The Jewish Child - W M Feldman
- 050 Jewish Laws & Customs - A.Kingsley Glover

Part 2 : Video

Over 3 hours of highly interesting and informative video
presentations featuring many of the Peoples and Cultures
mentioned in sacred scripture.

Section Three : Audio

Over 2 hours of  audio material in MP3 format.

Section Four : Pictures

Over 50 full color high quality images featuring beautiful full color images
of Peoples and Cultures featured in the Bible record.

Learning more about the "People and Cultures of the Bible" will certainly add value and improve
your understanding of why many Bible characters behaved the way they did in various situations.  

This will add depth and substance to your Bible study.

In addition, you will not fail to be impressed by the profound accuracy of the Bible record
when it discusses contemporary nations and their cultures. 

$15.00 (US)
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The Canaanites : "Did a civilization of such abominable filth and brutality have any right to exist? Archaeologists who dig in the ruins of Canaanite cities wonder why God did not destroy them sooner than he did"
(Henry H Halley :  Halleys Bible Handbook
The Egyptians : Egypt and its inhabitants are referred to over 700 times in the Bible. They had a profound influence on the Israelites.
The Philistines : Occupying the coastal plain of Palestine, during a major part of the Hebrew Scripture period, the Philistines were one of the fiercest and most aggressive of Israel's enemies.
The Samaritans : were foreigners who were relocated by the Assyrians to the conquered northern ten tribe kingdom.They were despised by the Jews because of their "fusion religion", which mixed the writings of Moses with paganism and spiritism.

Above : a modern day Samaritan priest displays an ancient copy of the Samaritan
Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible). 
Great Historical Characters of the New Testament
A faith building and confidence producing feature of the Bible record is its historical accuracy.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Gospels and the other writings contained in the Christian
Greek scriptures or the so called "New Testament".

This should not surprise us as "all scripture is inspired of God and is beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness" (2 Tim 3:16).

With such an accurate divine author, we can surely read the scriptures with confidence, knowing that every statement made is factual and completely reliable.

But what adds even more strength to our faith, is when we find outside sources, (many of whom 
bitterly opposed Christianity at the time the Christian Greek Scriptures were written), actually confirming the accuracy of the historical statements made in those sacred books!

The purpose of the DVD ROM  : "Great Historical Characters of the New Testament" is to provide exhaustive background reference material from respected scholarly sources, providing dramatic evidence that whenever a person, place or event is recorded in sacred scripture, every factual statement used by the inspired writer is 100% accurate.

The DVD ROM is divided into FOUR SECTIONS:

Part 1 : Reference Works (all PDF and are printable and fully searchable).

- 001 Historical Evidence of the New Testament - Shadrach Bowman
- 002 A Historic View of the New Testament - Percy Gardner
- 003 Historic Evidence of the Books of the New Testament - Samuel Tregelles
- 004 The Historicity of Jesus - Shirley Case
- 005 The Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus - Arthur Drews
- 006 The Historical Atlas of the Life of Christ - Richard Hodge 
- 007 The Historic Jesus - Charles Lester
- 008 The Historical Setting of the Gospels - Thomas Hall
- 009 John the Baptist - F B Meyer
- 010 The Apostles of Christ in History - David Bacon
- 011 Joseph (anon)
- 012 The History of Mary - Wallis Budge
- 013 Priscilla and Aquila (anon)
- 014 Philemon - A H Drysdale
- 015 Timothy and Titus - Alfred Humphreys
- 016 The Historical Character of the Gospel of John - Joseph Robinson
- 017 The Gospels as Historical Documents - Vincent Stanton
- 018 Luke the Physician - William Ramsay
- 019 The Historical Apostle Paul - Ferdinand Baur
- 020 Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen - William Ramsay
- 021 The Cities of Paul -  William Ramsay
- 022 Barnabas (anon)
- 023 The Herod's - Frederic William Farrar
- 024 Lazarus - Lucas Cleeve
- 025 James (brother of Jesus) - Anon
- 026 The History of Peter - Henry Blunt
- 027 Peter the Apostle - William Taylor
- 028 The Life of Mary Magdalene - Domenico Cavalca
- 029 Judas Iscariot (anon)
- 030 Joseph of Arimathea (anon)
- 031 Caiaphas (anon)
- 032 Nicodemus (anon)
- 033 Gamaliel (anon)
- 034 The Pharisees and Jesus (Vol 1) - A.T Robertson
- 035 The Pharisees and Jesus (Vol 2) - A.T Robertson
- 036 Pontius Pilate (anon)
- 037 Cornelius the Centurion - Frederic Krummacher
- 038 The Jews Under Roman Rule - William Morrison
- 039 Christianity and the Roman Empire - William Addis
- 040 The Histories of Tacitus
- 041 The Twelve Caesars of the 1st Century - Suetonius
- 042 The Caesars - Thomas De Quincey
- 043 Julius Caesar - Warde Fowler
- 044 Augustus - Evelyn Shuckburgh
- 045 Tiberius Caesar - G P Baker
- 046 Christianity under Claudius - FF Bruce
- 047 Nero - Bernard Henderson
- 048 Vespasian and Titus - Homer Newton
- 049 The Siege of Jerusalem by Titus - Thomas Lewin
- 050 A History of Rome to the Death of Domitian - R W Browne

Part 2 : Video

Over 3 hours of highly interesting and informative video
presentations featuring outstanding Historical Characters of  the 
New Testament.

Section Three : Audio

Over 2 hours of  audio material in MP3 format.

Section Four : Pictures

Over 50 full color high quality images featuring beautiful full color images
of Great Historical Characters featured in the Christian Greek Scriptures.

This huge resource will add greatly to your understanding of the "Great Historical
Characters of the New Testament" and will strengthen your faith still further in 
the unerring, absolute accuracy of bible truth.  

$15.00 (US)
The historicity of Jesus Christ is attested to by over 20 secular historians and writers who wrote in first three centuries of the                                     common era.
"Now in those days a decree went forth from Caesar Augustus for all the inhabited earth to be registered" (Luke 2:1)
Herod I or Herod the Great (74 BCE, - 4 BCE) is described by one historian as "a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis".  This fits in well with the Bibles description of the psychotic ruler who lived at the  time of Jesus birth.
Paul at the Areopagus (Athens)  All the places and geographical locations Paul visited during his missionary journeys are accurately described the New Testament and are confirmed by 1st century historians such                as Tacitus and Suetonius.
Yosef Bar Kayafa, better known as Caiaphas (Greek Καϊάφας)  was the Roman-appointed Jewish high priest who is said by Josephus to have made a huge fortune by manipulating the procedures regarding animal sacrifices and currency exchange at the temple. He had much to lose from exposure by Jesus. His solution was simple ... kill Jesus! 

He was later assassinated by zealots during the Jewish Revolt (66 CE - 72 CE).

The description of the sect of  the Pharisees in the gospel accounts is confirmed by first century historian Josephus.The Pharisees were a political party, a social movement, and a school of thought among Jews. They collaborated with the Romans during the occupation of Palestine and benefited enormously from this arrangement both financially and in terms of political influence. Jesus however saw through their
hypocrisy and never missed an opportunity to expose them!
     Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus 
( 15 December  37 CE  – 9 June 68 CE), better known as Nero, was Roman Emperor from 54 to 68 CE. He was infamous for his savage and cruel      persecution of  Christians during his reign. .
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        - "Great Historical Characters of the New Testament"

        - "Great Historical Characters of the Old  Testament"

                     - "The British Museum and the Bible"

                 -"Bible Prophecy - The Historical Evidence"

         - "Bible Archaeology: Bible History Buried in the Earth"

     Over 600 Major Reference Works (PDF), 60 Hours of Video, &        Audio presentations and hundreds of pictures to make your             personal study of Bible history and prophecy come alive!


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